Volume 6

Specialists’ CRO in Autoimmune and
Inflammatory Disorders

Preclina, a leading non-clinical CRO specializing in autoimmune diseases, supports global competitiveness by swiftly delivering top-quality evaluation results for biotechs and pharmaceutical companies under new drug development, securing their position in the explosively expanding market of the autoimmune disease therapeutics.





Arthritis Research

Global Leading Service for Rheumatoid Arthritis Efficacy Evaluation and MOA Research

To facilitate the development of new drugs for rheumatoid arthritis, a prototype of chronic inflammatory disease, our scientists with over 20 years of expertise optimized the most reliable disease models. Preclina’s precise and highly reproducible test results have been recognized across diverse clients.

Arthritis Model
Patient-Derived Cells

Fibrosis Research

Robust Efficacy Evaluation Services for Anti-Fibrosis Drug Development

Preclina has established a strong efficacy evaluation system for the development of next-generation fibrosis therapeutics that enables overcoming of the limitations of Nintedanib in the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis. Discover Preclina’s potent fibrosis model portfolio!

Bleomycin-induced Lung Fibrosis Model Bleomycin-induced Skin Fibrosis Model

Inflammatory Skin Disease Research

Providing Discovery Service of Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis Therapies to Carry Forward the Global New Drug Legacy

Amid the emergence of prominent targeted antibody therapies, against inflammatory skin disorders, we offer full range disease model services encompassing from screening to confirmation.

Imiquimod-induced &
IL-23-induced Psoriasis Models
Oxazolone &
House Dust Mite-induced Atopic Dermatitis Models

Neurological Disorders

Research and Development aimed at Surpassing the limitations of Clinical Approach treatments

Try to verify the therapeutic efficacy of candidate compounds developed to address the unmet needs in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, where brain damage continues to progress despite attempts to suppress relapsing disorders. Experience our internally established, highly reproducible efficacy pharmacology models to confirm their therapeutic efficacy

MOG-induced EAE Model Cuprizone-induced Demyelination Model

Collagen Vascular Disease Research

Optimized Service for Drug Development Leader Groups Tailored to Disease Mechanisms

Given the scarcity of clinically proven treatments, the field of lupus pharmacology demands focused drug development efforts. We are conducting efficacy assessments utilizing key lupus animal models to advance lupus therapeutic development.

NZB/NZW F1 Lupus Model MRL/FasIpr Lupus Model

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